To have a valid Trust, California law only requires a proper manifestation of the Trustor’s intention to create a trust, trust property, a valid trust purpose, and a beneficiary. The law does not have any detailed requirements about what trustees fees are to be paid. 


A trust that is typically used to plan for asset transfer for the next generation is known as a “living trust” and is revocable and changeable during the lifetimes of the trust creators. If the trust creators have children and/or grandchildren the trust document will explain WHO are the children or grandchildren.


Probate Court Litigation starts with a written petition which states what is being complained about, identifies the parties involved, and requests relief. Probate court litigation lawsuits in the probate court are known as “petitions”.


If a minor inherits money or property through intestate succession or through a will in the probate court he or she gets total control at age 18. Depending upon the amount of money involved, people’s opinions vary greatly as to how much can an 18-year-old handle as far as money property and finances.